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What is Accessibility?
Web accessibility indicates the capacity of accessing the web and its contents by as many people as possible regardless of the context of the navigation or the disability of the users. We understand the context of the navigation to be the devices, browsers, Internet connection speed, peripheral devices, configuration of the browser or equipment, ambient conditions, etc., whilst “disability” refers to sight, hearing, motor or cognitive deficiencies.

Commitment Declaration
As a result of all of this, we have developed a website that guarantees the accessibility of its contents in compliance with the Accessibility Guidelines established by the WAI Work Group (Web Accessibility Initiative) which belongs to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

The use of web standards established by W3C, such as XHTML 1.0 Transitional for valid semantic mark-up and cascading style sheets (CSS) for design, enable the website to be correctly viewed on different devices and platforms as well as enabling its content to be printed accurately.

Conformity Icons
The Lantegi Batuak website complies with the following points:

Conformidad con el Nivel “A” del W3C WCAG 1.0
It declares that it meets the Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content 1.0 with level A. The link leads to an explanation on the levels of accessibility and the use of its icons.

It declares that XHTML language version 1.0 Transitional has been used correctly and its syntax is in line with this language’s grammar. The link leads to a W3C checker.

It declares that the syntax of the style sheet used is correct. The link leads to the W3C cascading style sheet checker.

Browser Help
Variable Font Size
In designing the pages of this website relative units have been used, such as in the font size. The pages can be correctly viewed at any resolution and users can adjust the font size if this option is available.

Site Map
Users will find an index of the pages on this website via the site map.

Browser Route
Users will always know what section/subsection they are in by looking at the browser route given at the top of the page.

Downloading Files
The different files that can be downloaded from this website have been created as RTF or PDF documents that are as accessible as possible.

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