Cookies are small data files which your terminal receives from the web-sites you visit. They are used to register certain browser interactions with a site, and store data which can be up-dated and retrieved. These files are stored in the user’s computer and contain anonymous data which will not affect your hardware. They are used to remember the user’s preferences, including language selection, access data or a personalised page.

Cookies can also be used to register anonymous information about how a visitor uses a site. For example, they can see which web-page link the visitor used to enter, or if they have used a publicity banner to access the page.


We only use cookies when strictly necessary or if they are essential for your use of our web-site and will allow you free movement between safe areas, personalised options, etc. In addition, we use cookies to gather data for web-use analysis. The latter are used to offer an improved service to the user, by measuring the use and scope of the page and optimising and personalising it.

Our sites may also contain links to social media. The BBK Bilbao Good Hostel does not take responsibility for cookies used by third parties. For more information on cookies used in social networks or other webs, we advise you to review the cookie policies of each site.



– Own cookies:
Own cookies are those which are generated by the page you are visiting.

– Third-party cookies:
Third-party cookies are those which are generated by external services or providers, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.


– Technical cookies:
Technical cookies are those which are essential and strictly necessary for the correct functionning of the web portal and the usage of the different options and services it offers.
For example, those which serve to maintain a session, manage response time, performance or option validation; those which use safety elements; those which share content on social networks, etc.

– Customisation cookies:
These are cookies which allow the user to specify or personalise various characteristics among the general options offered by the web-site. For example, defining the language; regional configuration or browser type.

– Analytical cookies::
Analytical cookies are those which are used by web portals to grow browsing profiles and enable portals to get to know users preferences in order to improve the products and services offered.
For example, an analytical cookie can control the geographical areas of interest to a user, which product the user prefers, etc.

– Advertising cookies:
Advertising cookies allow for the management of advertising space, based on specific criteria, for example, frequency of access, edited content, etc. By managing advertising, advertising cookies allow for the storage of behavioural information based on observing habits, studying access routes and building a profile of user preferences, in order to offer advertising related to said interests.


– Session cookies:
Session cookies are those which last the amount of time a user is browsing a web-site, and are erased when they leave.

– Persistent cookies:
These cookies are stored in the user’s terminal for a longer period of time, and thus facilitate control of chosen preferences, without having to repeat certain parametres each time the user visits the web-site.


The cookies used on this web-site may be treated by us or the third parties listed below, with whom we have contracted a provision of service for which cookies are required:

  • _ga: anónima de Google Analytics
  • cc_cookie_accept
  • cc_cookie_decline


In order to comply with current legislation, we must ask your permission to manage our cookies. If you decide not to authorise this treatment, by indicating your non-conformity, we will only use the technical cookies, which are essential for browsing our web-site. In this case, we will not store any cookies. If you continue to browse our web-site without refusing authorisation, this implies your acceptance.

Please bear in mind that if you refuse or eliminate the navegation cookies in the BBK Bilbao Good Hostel web-site, we will not be able to save your preferences, certain charactieristics of the pages will not be operative, we will not be able to offer you a personalised service and each time you browse our site we will have to ask for your permission to use cookies.

If you nevertheless decide to modify your access settings to this web-site, you must know that it is possible to eliminate cookies or impede that this information is registered in your hardware at any time, by modifying the settings parametres of your browser:

Internet Explorer cookie settings
Firefox cookie settings
Google Chrome cookie settings
Safari cookie settings

These browsers are subject to updates and modifications, and therefore we cannot guarantee that they are fully in line with the version of your browser. In order to avoid these misalignments, you can access them directly using your browser options which are generally found in the Options menu, in the “Privacy” setting. (Please consult your
browser’s Help section for further information).


If you accept our cookies, you allow us to improve the BBK Bilbao Good Hostel web-site in order to offer you optimal access and a more efficient and personalised service. In addition, you can set your browser to allow only the trusted web-sites, or web pages you are visiting at that moment, to manage the cookies which enable you to select your preferences.

By subscribing to this policy, the BBK Bilbao Good Hostel demonstrates our commitment to current legislation regarding the use of cookies, and offers our visitors information in order to better understand what type of cookies we use and why we use them. We do this in order to offer transparency regarding data processing linked to your browsing our web-site.

This policy is reviewed periodically in order to ensure its validity, and therefore may be modified. We recommend you visit the page regularly, where you will be informed of any updates.